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[sticky post]SELLING: Japanese Alternative Designer Clothing + Others. Unisex, great condition.
SELLING: Japanese Alternative Designer Clothing + Others. Unisex, great condition. Brands include: h.Naoto, Alice Auaa, Gadget Grow and more

Selling pieces from my clothing collection comprising mostly of Japanese Alternative/Avant-Garde designers procured from Japan around the years 2009-2011. Most of these pieces had a limited make. I retain all the original tags to prove their authenticity. Overall, they are beautiful garments with meticulously implemented design-ethic and attention to detail, though they aren't worn nearly enough. All pieces are in great cosmetic condition unless otherwise noted.

-All transactions will be carried out on ebay or paypal (or both) for your comfort and convenience. Once you have mailed me with your selected items and we have confirmed order details and agreed on shipping prices I will either send you an invoice or set up an ebay listing for you. Paypal invoices are to be paid within 2 working days

-International shipping is available at buyers cost. I will use Registered International Post and shipping costs are calculated by weight and location. Generally, shipping will range from $25AU-$50AU for a total item weight of 1KG-2KG via Auspost. Insurance is also available at buyers cost. Message me for shipping quotes

-Feel free to message me if you have any queries or offers. Many of these items are half-price or less. If you buy multiple items I may be inclined to give you an even better deal. If you are concerned about feedback and legitimacy, I will make an ebay listing of the items you want so you can have the protection+view my feedback

-All items will be shipped from Australia and all transactions will be processed through Paypal, as we can keep a record and have Buyer/Seller protection. Buyers will have to pay for shipping. PM me or leave a comment with contact details to discuss transactions/offers/sizing/payment/shipping details. Once again, if you wish to buy an item through ebay please let me know as this can also be arranged.

-Most of the h.Naoto tops are made with a lot of space for a draping effect as well as being made of a high-quality Japanese rayon which is quite stretchy in nature so they tend to fit S-L quite comfortably. I've listed them as M though to say they're an in-between size.

-I've tried to depict the items as clearly as possible, but if you would like higher-res images and/or exact measurements please message me

-All sales final. No returns accepted. Happy browsing!



1. Naoto Seven Mixed Media Jacket - $160AU

Bought in 2010 for 52,000Yen. Rarely worn, a beautiful piece. Material is thick yet light with a foamy feel on shoulders and elbows. Mixed textures and materials of black. Very wearable in summer as well as winter. Has a sporty vibe. Inner lining is an iridescent "absinthe green" mixed with pink silk/satin accentuated by Japanese katakana characters. Button made of worn metal with regalia-like insignia carved into it. Size is about an M

 photo 1NaotoJacketA_zps1749eeb0.jpg
 photo 1NaotoJacketB_zps10c8dac6.jpg

1 2 3 4

2. Gadget Grow Long Wool Outer with Detachable Fur-Hood - $120AU SOLD

Bought in mid-2010 for about 40,000Yen from Gadget Grow Kyoto. Fur-lined hood is detachable by buttons. Very very warm and well-made whilst relatively light. Light fuzzing on the acrylic wool of which this piece is made. Free Size

 photo 2GadgetGrowJacket_zpsf6457176.jpg

1 2 3

3. Growth Leather Jacket - $80AU

Made of Polyester, M-L Size.

 photo 3GrowthLeatherJacket_zpsaecb7b86.jpg

1 2 3

4. Naoto Seven Biker Double Jacket - $90AU - SOLD

Very versatile double-jacket by Naoto Seven. Bought for 25,000Yen. Many ways to wear it. Top Jacket open, bottom closed and vice-versa or open and closed accordingly. Adjustable zip-cuffs. Size is about an M

 photo 4NaotoBJacketA_zps8288eab8.jpg

1 2

BONUS: Comes with Naoto Seven Mixed Media slant button-neck top - SOLD

 photo 4NaotoBJacketB_zps709dc8d9.jpg

4. h.Anarchy Corroded Long Cardigan with Text inner design - $60AU SOLD

Light cardigan which is about thigh-length. Interesting design with an un-ruptured inner layer and a ruptured outer later. Mostly made of polyester. Sporadic text tastefully adorns the cardigan. Bought in late 2009 for about 25,000Yen. Can be worn buttoned up or open and comes with waist drawstrings if you want to create side-ruffles. Free Size

 photo 5NaotoCardiA_zps1cf9d64c.jpg\
 photo 5NaotoCardiB_zps5a4ca11e.jpg

5. h.Anarchy Silver Text Semi-Sheer Long Cardigan - $60AU - SOLD

Another light cardigan which is about thigh-length. Material is slightly sheer adorned with silver text design. Mostly made of polyester. Bought in late 2009 for about 25,000Yen. Can be worn buttoned up or open and comes with waist drawstrings if you want to create side-ruffles. Free Size

 photo 6NaotoCardi_zpsdfef9db9.jpg

BONUS: I'll throw in this Naoto Seven Medieval-inspired top with teething chandelier design with either h.Anarchy cardigan - SOLD

 photo 7CardiPickUpTopB_zps872721b2.jpg

6. Dark Red Rum: H.Jelly Deconstructed Outer - $60AU - SOLD

Bought in 2009 for about 27,000Yen. Features h.Naoto's deconstructivist aesthetic which is quite prevalent under his Dark Red Rum label. Left Sleeve features a silver etching-like design. Size S-M

 photo 9NaotoOuter_zpsf225254e.jpg

1 2 3

7. Dark Red Rum: H.Jelly Deconstructed Outer with Bat-wing collars - $60SOLDAU

Also bought in 2009 for about 27,000Yen. Features h.Naoto's deconstructivist aesthetic which is quite prevalent under his Dark Red Rum label. Features an elongated zip and bat-wing collars. Sleeves can be detached by buttons so the piece can be worn as a vest. Size S-M

 photo 10NaotoOuter_zps2c373528.jpg

1 2 3

8. Dark Red Rum: H.Jelly "Skin of the Devil" Coat - $150AU

Bought in 2011 for 45,000Yen, was the last one. Long coat which goes down to knees/calves. Features special 'skin of the devil' finish and hood. Extremely warm, very heavy duty work of art by h.Naoto. Size M-L

 photo 8NaotoJacketA_zps2a760d8b.jpg
 photo 8NaotoJacketB_zps67185ba6.jpg

1 2 3 4

9. Sixh Mixed Media Double-layered Hood Outer - $120 - SOLD

Designed by Ibi of Sixh. Features many different types of material, riding-hood like button-able front and shoulder straps. Silver design down the left sleeve. Double layered hood. Quite a stretchy material gives a sporty feel to a rock/goth outer. Free Size

 photo 11HoodedOuterA_zpsc0721ae9.jpg

BONUS: I'll throw in this Sixh Ruffle-front Top for a total of $150 - SOLD

 photo 11HoodedOuterB_zps872ae4de.jpg

10. Dark Red Rum: H.Jelly Ombre Torn Double Cardi - $30AU SOLD

Inner cardigan is button-able whilst outer cardigan is zip-able. Size S-M

 photo 12NaotoOmbre_zps48dfa867.jpg
 photo 12NaotoOmbreB_zpsa90bc1ae.jpg

1 2 3 4

11. h.Anarchy Plus Punk Regalia Cardigan - SOLD

Sizing and cut for this one is more for a woman. Women's size S-M

 photo 13NaotoCardi_zps360d68ad.jpg


1. Alice Auaa Classic Spider Web Tops. Red and White over Black - $60each. Both for $90AU - SOLDAU

The classic top and design by Alice Auaa. They come at around 37,800Yen each. Hardly worn, though the web on one of the arms of the black piece has snapped a little. Free Sizes

 photo 1AliceAuaaA_zps8a2216b0.jpg

 photo 1AliceAuaaB_zps87aa60f5.jpg

2. Gadget Grow Low-Cut Draping Top and Outer - $130 - SOLD

Bought in Harajuku in 2010. Made of an ultra-light rayon material, great for warmer weather when you also want to cover your skin. Slight make up smudges on the front near the bottom of the piece. Looks great with a white or grey singlet or basic top worn inside. Free Size

 photo 2GadgetGrow_zps0b2c00bf.jpg

3. Galaabend Luxury Brand Victorian-inspired shirt - $120AU

Acquired from Galaabend store in the prime fashion location of Ura-harajuku. Beautiful piece, 100% polyester. The material has a subtle luster to it giving it a very watery look. The feel of the garment in your hands even feels a bit like water. S-M fit.

 photo 3GalaabendA_zps73dd9893.jpg
 photo 3GalaabendB_zps3e2ec997.jpg

4. Naoto Seven Reaper Long Tops. Black and White - $30AU/each. Both for $50AU< - SOLD

Naoto Seven Long Tops - can also be worn as dresses for girls. Feature Naoto Hirooka's charcoal-like Reaper designs. Made of Rayon. Both come with side drawstrings to create side-ruffles. Free Size

 photo 7CardiPick-UpTops_zps1cdb00f5.jpg

5. Naoto Seven Chain Dress - $50AU SOLD

Bought in Osaka in 2010. Long Rayon Dress with Chain design and Cross on the back. Left side is un-buttonable. Size S-M

 photo 4NaotoDress_zps452179dc.jpg

6. Dark Red Rum H.Jelly Deconstructed Buckle Top - $70 SOLD AU

This on still has the original tags on it! Once again, deconstructed mixed media. Almost like a work of art as much as a clothing piece. Size S-M

 photo 5NaotoBuckle_zps9b2a3ba8.jpg

7. Dark Red Rum H.Jelly Deconstructed Vine Top - $60AUSOLD

Deconstructed Rayon. Main motif of this piece are the 'hanging vines'. Size M

 photo 6NaotoVine_zps9fd37143.jpg

8. Naoto Seven Moth Design Top with Asymmetric Side-Vest - $30AUSOLD

Naoto Seven Rayon top with v-neck cut. Features flowing silver designs with a moth as the main motif. Comes with an attached side-vest which resembles a kind of toga. Hard to see in the pictures but flows off the side to give the piece a slanted-bottom look. Can be simply worn loose. Size M

 photo 7NaotoSeven_zps3445e5fa.jpg

BONUS: I'll throw in a Growth Greyish/Silver Long Flannelette coat with it - SOLD

 photo 7NaotoSevenb_zps20429517.jpg

9. Comme Ca Commune Victorian Silk Shirt Size L - $40AU

 photo 8CommeLa_zpsc81f5aea.jpg


1. CIVARIZE Treated Jeans. Size 42 - $70SOLDAU

Heavy-duty pair of jeans by CIVARIZE. Zippers located at the hems of the trousers can be unzipped to create more of a flair cut to the jeans. Real leather is used at those areas. Slim Cut.

 photo 1Civarize_zpsbbdf094f.jpg

2. BytheR Vertical Zip Jeans: M Size [About 44] - $40AU

Semi-shine vertical zip jeans. Fitted but not skinny. Back pocket features a skull and crossbone design. Nice rock/rider look

 photo 2BytheR_zps351fcbf4.jpg

3. Dark Red Rum: H.Jelly Double layer Dress/Pants - SOLD

Bought in Ura-harajuku in 2010 for 43,500Yen. An exquisite piece. Very beautifully layered with mixed media. Clips can be adjusted to turn the piece into a pair of pants. M Size

 photo 3Naoto_zps04968251.jpg

4. Sixh Summer Unisex Parachute Pants - $70AU - SOLD

Printed with Sixh cats designed by Mint. Parachute pants with natural falling shapes to create a flowing, laid-back look. M Size

 photo 4NaotoParachuter_zps5d93899a.jpg

5. Sixh Summer Shorts - $ 40AU

M Size, Adjustable waist via drawstring. Knee Length.

 photo 5NaotoShorts_zps7d4e2238.jpg


1. Abnormal [EYE]dentity Matte Black Glasses with Silver Cross Ornamentation. MINT Condition - $110A SOLD

Designed by Ruki of the Gazette, limited run of 1000. Bought for 25,200Yen. Comes with a lense cloth also designed by Ruki. Includes black leather case as well. Hand made in Japan. No power on the lenses. Dimensions are:

Frame Width: 15.5cm
Frame Height: 4cm
Temple Length: 14cm

 photo 1AEa_zps52d849a4.jpg
 photo 1AEb_zps2e51917c.jpg
 photo 1AEc_zps96a0bfc4.jpg

2. Gucci 2999 CVSZR Unisex Sunglasses - $70AU SOLD
Used but in good condition. Minute scratches on lens. Frame is made of black shiny ruthenium. Lens are a Grey gradient colour with UV protection. Original box, case and certificates of Authenticity included. I've lost the lens cloth. Authenticity proven by the serial number on the left temple-tip. Made in Italy. Frame Size 65 x 14 x 110.

 photo 2GucciA_zpsb1e9dda1.jpg
 photo 2GucciB_zpsdf01a493.jpg
 photo 2GucciC_zps57a0cd53.jpg
 photo 2GucciD_zps1d6c35ac.jpg
 photo 2GucciE_zps31a22846.jpg

3. 12 Pairs of Leather/Mixed Media Gloves. Various Styles ALL pairs for $100AU ALL fingerless pairs are SOLD. The remaining 4 pairs for $25AU


4. ZABRIESKIE Unisex Patent Leather Vinyl Boots Size 43-44 - $60AU

Bought in Osaka in the Winter of 2010. The boots have a 10cm heel which is partly hidden inside the sole of the boot.











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I'm interested in the abnormal identity glasses how much would it be all together shipped to 92553 US

Abnormal [Eye]dentity Glasses

Hi I've just sent you a PM.

I know someone already commented but just thought I'd let you know that I'm also really interested in the abnormal identity glasses, so if they back out, let me know.

Also, how much would shipping be for the middle DIAVLO belt (with the crown) to Brisbane? And how long are they?

Thank you.

Diavlo Belt and Abnormal [Eye]dentity

Hi yes, regarding the AE glasses, I'm still awaiting a reply from them. I'll give them a day or two and then let you know how that situation is.

The DIAVLO belt in the centre has a min. and max. length of 78-105cm accordingly. I checked Auspost and it would be $11.90AU to ship regularly or $17.90AU for next day delivery.

Please PM me if you'd like to discuss further,

Hope that helps!

Hi im interested in one of the belts... the one on the right in the last picture. and do you know how much it would cost to ship to sweden?


Hi, is the first Diavlo belt still available? And how much would shipping to the UK cost?

Hello, yes it is still available. I'll PM you about the shipping costs to the UK

Hi there.
About the size on Alice Auaa's top. I heard they run pretty small. I have a 98cm bust, would it fit? what about the arms?

Hi, I've just sent you a PM with the measurements

Hello! I'm interested in the h.Anarchy Silver Text Semi-Sheer Long Cardigan (and the chandelier top if it's still available!). I understand the cardi's free size, but could I trouble you for an unstretched measurement of the bust when buttoned up, please? Also, how much would the total plus shipping be to Singapore? Thanks! ♥

Not a problem, I've taken the measurements and sent a PM to you with all the requested details

Both reaper tops and alice auua ones please? paypal is and I may or may not come back and bug you for one of the cardigans because they are incredibly adorable.


Shipping would be to 99354 in the United States as well. Would prefer insurance. Thank you!

2 Reaper Tops, 2 Alice Auaa Tops and Shipping

Hey there, I've just sent you a confirmation PM; please check it out and let me know if all the info is good :)

Re: 2 Reaper Tops, 2 Alice Auaa Tops and Shipping

Sorry about the delay, I've answered the PM and I'm totally good with the details. If you need any further information please feel free to email me, as lj doesn't display correctly on my mobile :) Thank you very much!

Re: 2 Reaper Tops, 2 Alice Auaa Tops and Shipping

Sure thing , have just sent you a paypal invoice and an email :)

I'll take the following if they are still available:
-SEVEN moth design top (+ growth flannelette outer)
-DRR/h.jelly deconstructed outer
-possibly the DRR vine top if you could let it go for $40 AU?

My paypal: lkcannon[AT]comcast[DOT]net
Shipping to 08088 USA

Also, if you are interested in trades I am also selling some h.Naoto here:
If not just invoice me. :)


Edited at 2013-02-01 06:12 pm (UTC)

Hi there, yeah the DDR Vine Top for $40 is fine. Just sent you an invoice with the shipping cost for all 4 items. Let me know if you've received it and feel free to PM if there's anything comes up :)

Hello i'm interested in: 4. Naoto Seven Biker Double Jacket - $100AU and is there anyway I can have all the fingerless gloves instead. Oh and how long is the jacket.

Re: Jacket and gloves

Hello, I've sent you a PM with answers to your enquiries


I was wondering if either of the first two diavlo belts are available . Also i would like to buy the sixth summer parachute pants and depending of the belts are available i will either buy one or both .

Thanks again

Hi, I've just sent you a PM with all the deets :)

If number 5, Naoto Seven Chain Dress, is still available I'd like to take it off your hands. Shipping to 94122 in the US. Paypal is umbrella_key[at]hotmail[dot]com. Thank you!

Hi, I've just sent you a paypal invoice. Let me know if you've received it. Once I receive payment I'll get in contact with you via email with shipping details :)


Payment sent! Thank you for being so quick to respond! :)

I don't suppose you still have either h.Naoto jacket left by now? The H.Jelly one in particular. Also the summer shorts.

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